Softybag Chair Kids

Softybag Chair kids


Whether you are going to the beach, on a hike in the mountains or just want to relax in front of the TV, Softybagen will be your favorite when you are looking for easy relaxation. Our softybags are designed to provide maximum comfort and the fact that we have different models to choose from guarantees that you will find what you are looking for.

The softybag is filled in a few seconds without the need to use pumps or exhausted lungs. Just sweep the bag through the air a few times and then seal the buckle.

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Blå, Grön, Röd, Svart

Product information
  • Easy to inflate in a few steps.
  • No pump needed
  • Very durable (holds up to 150 kg).
  • Water resistant material.
  • Softybag is designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • After you have used your softybag, store it indoors and preferably in the small carrying bag.
  • Filling: Just regular air.
  • Carrying bag included.
  • Sealing stick is included.
  • Colors: Midnight Black, Navy Blue, Chili Red, Olive Green.
  • Durable material.

Carefully clean the solid surface with a damp cloth.

  • Mått uppblåst: 85 x 62x 50 cm (L/B/H)
  • Mått ihopfälld: 10 x 18 x 27 cm (L/B/H)
  • Vikt: 460 g
  • Maximum capacity: 150 kg
Adapted for both outdoors and indoors
All our models weigh less than 1 kg
Fill it easily with a few sweeps through the air

The Coolest and Compact Chair for Kids

As adults, we noticed that children love to sit on and play with the adults Softybag, which gave us the inspiration to design a Softybag Chair Kids that is developed just for children! Besides, our children deserve to sit like a king/queen. Now the whole family can enjoy anywhere and anytime!

Whether the children use them inside or outside, the Softybag Chair kids is the perfect inflatable portable chair. Because it is so light and compact, children can always have a comfortable seat when they take a break after playing.

Bring it on every adventure

Whether you are on the beach, up in the mountains, in a forest walk or in front of the TV, Softybag is the perfect companion when you want relaxation without any effort.

How to fill the bag

The softybag is filled in a few seconds without you having to use a pump or your lungs.

Just sweep it through the air a couple of times, roll up the buckle and seal it. There you go, your bag is filled with air and you can start relaxing.

Now the whole family can enjoy the Softyabg

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Why Softybag?

There is so many reason to have a Softyabg

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