How does it work?

How to fill the Softybag in four simple steps.

STEP 1. Remove the Softybag from the supplied carrier bag.

STEP 2. Hold your Softybag by the opening at the foot end and pull it straight through the air. Make sure you close the opening before the movement ends. Note, you do not have to run with it through the air. Repeat the movement 3-4 times until it has about 70% air.

STEP 3.Then seal the end by rolling the black part until your Softybag becomes really tight with air and snap the buckle.

STEP 4. Now it's time to Relax

Check out our video where we show you how to fill the bag.

If you are outdoors, you can easily let the wind fill your bag.

If you are outdoors and want to fill your bag, you can easily get help from the wind.


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