A circular world

We all know that the way we live our lives has a huge impact on our planet and the people we share it with. We who run companies have a great responsibility for the climate footprint we make and at Softybag we take this very seriously. We are still a young company and our ambition is too contribute with what we can and will in the coming years focus on our environmental impact to the extent we can and our work will continue in 2022.

There is a lot of talk about when it comes to sustainability, but what does it really mean? For Softybag, the answer is simple. Sustainability means an opportunity to satisfy our needs and desires without exploiting the environment in a negative way. A sustainable approach to material selection, transport, production, CSR, design and distribution creates a positive and vibrant business model where sustainability itself becomes an asset.

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Durable products

At Softybag, we always strive to offer products with a high quality that lasts over time. This is something we take great pride in and we therefore give our customers a lifetime guarantee when they buy a Softybag. (read more about our warranty)

Since the start in 2016, we have sold over 200 000+ bags and have only received a handful of complaints. We are confident in our quality and therefore we can offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products

Should a product, against all odds, break, we will replace it with the important counterclaim that we provide proof that the existing products are recycled in a correct way, all to reduce the footprint on our planet.

Plastic bank

In 2022, we will start our collaboration with the organisation Plastic Bank, which helps reduce plastic pollution and poverty around the world.

We are pleased to begin our collaboration with Plastic Bank with a commitment to pick the equivalent of 120,000 plastic bottles by 2022.

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UN Sustainable development goal

The global goals are set to make groundbreaking changes in our world by 2030, where we all have a responsibility to get involved.
At Softybag, we incorporate the UN's goals for sustainable development into our overall strategy.

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