About Softybag

The story about us

The journey begins in 2016. The idea of Softybag was born on a sunny day in Swedish Archipelago. Why was the itchy sand, the hard grass and the rocky cliff the only options? We wanted to sun-dry after our swim, sit comfortably on the mountains and rest our legs during the hike. Something inflatable and convenient that you could easily carry around everywhere? We would make nature sit-friendly and Softybag became our rescue.

Functionality, design and simplicity became our focus when we drew our first sketches to our products. Instead of carrying big air beds, awkward camping chairs, and heavy stools, we could finally just chill out. Many product samples later we brought a unique and durable air bed that could be carried cleverly as a tiny backpack and be filled in just a few seconds. Without effort or a pump. Swipe it through the air, roll the edge and seal the buckle. Ta-da!


For a life in nature

Nature gives us joy and we dream of high mountain peaks, crackling campfires, splashing waves and calm beaches. And since nature is full of beautiful shapes and colors, Softybag is of course designed accordingly, to make life in nature more fun and easier.

With Softybag, we want to both inspire the outdoors, spread joy, but above all simplify and make more people enjoy life. We therefore constantly develop our products so that they are well adapted to all different types of weather conditions, places and moments in life.

We love everything from the adventurous outdoor life too relaxing at home in front of the TV. It doesn’t matter if you are an adrenaline junkie or a classic connoisseur, with your Softybag you are ready for any occasion and the possibilities are endless.

Why Softybag?


You’ll never have to carry heavy chairs again, just grab your Softybag and wear it smoothly as a backpack.


Never get annoyed again. Dodge all struggles, simplify your life, and enjoy nature without having to make a lot of effort.


Improve your experience in the nature. Softybag is adapted to fit all kinds of weathers and shapes the nature brings us.


Softybag is high quality-assured and tested to make sure that it holds for many years of fun.


The simplicity and diversity makes Softybag perfect for all kinds of activities, occasions and moments in life.




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