About Softybag

Do you also tend to notice you forgot some things only when it’s already too late? The milk is out. All the socks are dirty. Forgot the charger at the office.

But unlike what can be found at the store around the corner, that perfect summer gadget is a bit more rare. Lo and behold – Softybag was born. It’s an elegant, durable nylon bed you manually fill with 600 liters (185 gallons) of air in seconds. No need to bring an external pump. No need to exhaust your lungs.

Take a moment to look back at those summer days. We’ve all been there, on a towel, looking up at the cloudless skies… and pretended we’re not really bothered by the stubborn grains of sand on our backs or the tickling grass between our toes.

Let’s face it: towels are for drying and regular mattresses suck. Softybag replaces the conventional air mattresses, while also becoming the only simple way to chillax in the airport when your flight is late. Because who wants to watch GoT in those awkward row seats next to a stranger?

As a gadget of convenience, a top priority for Softybag is its portability. Not only can you lay, read, drink, sip, sit and sing in it – when your done, just put it back in your travel back and head on to your next adventure.

Softybag is the gadget you’ll never forget.

2 year warranty

Despite its rugged quality and durable materials, as with all things, something can go wrong at production.If you find that your Softbag does not comply with what we promise, we will send a new bag to you.

30 days free return

If you regret your purchase and you only carefully opened and tested the bag indoors, you may have the right to return your bag for free and with full compensation within 30 days.

Contact us as soon as possible in this case.

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