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Product description

Take it to the beach, enhance that festival experience, bring it to the slopes or just make that awful two-hour wait at the gate a pleasant relaxing moment. Our Softybags are made of 100% nylon which makes them really rugged and enables you to use it as a super comfy floating sofa.

Our bags really draws everyone’s attention. Forget pumps and exhausted lungs, our bags fills up with 600 liters of air in just seconds by a few “scoops” of air.

In addition to the high quality material, what really makes our Softybag superior to any other lounge bed is our patented pillow which makes huge difference to the overall comfort of the bag.

How to fill it
The easiest and fastest way of filling a Softybag is by using the method we call “Scooping Air Method”. Hold your Softybag at the opening of the foot end and scoop through the air. Close the opening before the movement ends. Repeat the movement 3-4 times until it has about 70% of air. Then seal the end by rolling the black part until your Softybag becomes really tight with air and snap the buckle. You´re done, enjoy your Softybag.

To empty the bag, just open the buckle and roll the Softybag from the head end and put it back in your travel bag.

Dimensions inflated: 175 x 75 x 50 cm (L / B / H)
Dimensions deflated: 12 x 20 x 30 cm (L / B / H)
Weight: 760 g
Max capacity: 300 kg
Duration: Up to 10 hours. Depending on how well it is sealed.

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